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Smorkin’ Labbit Clear
Rose et bleu édition / Pink and blue edition
Frank Kozik

See the light where the sun don’t shine! Introducing 10-inches of absurdly luminous blue & pink vinyl, complete with classic cigarette and translucent butthole. So radiant and soft, Labbit looks angelic – even when smorkin’.

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Black Heart of Gold Dunny
Rose et bleu édition
/ Pink and blue edition
Tara McPherson

Good intentions gone wrong.
Always putting its best foot forward, the Black Heart of Gold Dunny is a misguided soul who seems to get it all wrong, no matter how hard it tries.

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Heavy Bramble WWRp Retail version
Ashley Wood & 3A

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Potamus Mini series
Blind Box
Frank Kozik

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Qee – Redrum Bear
Blind Box

Frank Kozik

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Kozik Bomb Twin Pack
Frank Kozik
2″ & 2.5″

Can’t decide between a 2″ or a 2.5″ Smoking Bomb?  Well, make it an instant party with this twin pack featuring both figures!  We can’t get enough of Frank Kozik, and we know that you can’t either.  Add this essential set to your collection and just soak up the explosive ambiance.

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Dr. Bomb
White Flock version
Frank Kozik

Dr. Bomb has never looked better.  This flocked version of Frank Kozik’s now classic vinyl figure has a warm and furry outside that belies the less-than-good intentions that he’s hiding on the inside. We can’t help but imagine that some folks leave Dr. Bomb’s surgery room feeling worse than before.  Others simply don’t leave.  Dr. Bomb stands 8” tall and has dubious medical credentials

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 Dr. Bomb

Rose et bleu édition / Pink &
blue GID Edition
Frank Kozik

Few vinyl collectors can walk by a Dr. Bomb figure without letting out a little sigh of appreciation.  Dr. Bomb has the art and form that you want, matched with the touch of creepiness that you crave.  Enhance the oddity when you select this 8″ figure in glorious GID pink & blue.

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Visible Qee Bear Classic GID


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