In Store Tonight… / En Magasin ce soir….


 Lilitu by Tara McPherson

limited to / limitée à 200
There is no hiding. A succubus walks. Lilitu. Sexually charged, violently destructive, A Sumerian myth, a demon to be feared. To love and to kill without remorse, one man at a time.
The unsuspecting only see the near-perfect human likeness – enticing eyes, supple mouth, lithe body – little noticed are the breasts of dripping poison and malicious intent.Emerging from the cool, smoky depths, fresh from one kill, looking for the next, Lilitu is poised to allure. Calculated stance, intimately glossy, designed for desire – come nefarious courtesan.Who can resist?Intended for ages 18+ for its mature content. Should not be purchased by minors.
Destiné aux 18 ans et + pour ses contenus pour adultes. Ne devraient pas être achetés par des mineurs.

Toby‘s Secret


Mini Series

Toby, the protector of dreams, memories, and darkest secrets, commands a sect of 11 spirits and brethren – the Disciple, the Princess of Secrets, the Goddess of Dreams, the Knight of Good Fortune, and the Seven Sacred Magi: Compassion, Destiny, Freedom, Lust, Love, Trust, and Truth – a select group of 3-inch figures chosen to represent the impulses of man.


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