Anarchy Teddy Troop! Mini G Robot! Killa Instinct! Necromorth the Christraper! Hoodiez- Mono Vers.! Mr. Muggles and Slap Happy Set Black Vers.! Gangsta Bill Yeti! Mod:1! -+- Nouveautés / New releases + Restock 07-03-10

anarchy teddy troop
Anarchy Teddy Troop 10″ – Frank Kozik: 90$

Necromorth the Christraper
Necromorth the Christraper – Frank Kozik: 80$

Gangsta Bill Yeti
Gangsta Bill Yeti – Skin Deep version – MAD: 70$

Killa Instinct - Tribal vers.
Killa Instinct – Tribal version – Marka27: 110$

hoodiez mono vers.
Hoodiez – Mono ver. – Carl Jones : 127$

Mini G Robot
Mini G-Robot – Marka27, Phalanx Studio, ANTZ, Dacosta!, Filter017, REMIX and REVELATOR.,etc. : 12.50$

mr. muggles and slap happy set black vers.
Mr. Muggles and Slap Happy Set – Black version – Brandt Peters: 90$

mod:1 supermodified zero7 vers.

mod:1 supermodified camo

mode:1 supermodified wi-fi vers.
MOD:1 – Zero7, camo, Wi-fi versions – Nick Mannion: 60$

Hi-DEF - OG Vers.
Hi-DEF – OG version – KaNo: 80$

Angry Clobber Monkey
Angry Clobber Monkey

Zliks Oil Vers.
Zliks – Oil version – Andrew Bell: 55$

Jibibuts – Noferin: 12.50$

Seme + Dum
Seme + Dum – Toby HK: 7$


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