Bop Dragon! O-No Sushi! GID My Little Cthulhu! -+- Nouveautés / New releases 17-01-10

My Little cthulhu gid john kovalic

My Little Cthulhu – GID ver. – John Kovalic: 42$

o no sushi andrew bell

O-No Sushi – Red ver. – Andrew Bell: 44$

tim burton moma

Tim Burton at MoMA: 31$

lost bearbrick medicom

Lost Bearbrick: 8$

bart mania

bart mania qee toy2r matt groening

Bart Simpsons Qees: 8$

homer qee toy2r

Homer Qee: 8$

bop dragon green rumble monsters

Bop Dragon – Painted Green ver.: 95$

skullbee fan club 2007 secret base

Skullbee – Fan Club 2007 ver.: 60$

skullbee secret base paint carnival

Skullbee – Paint Carnival 2nd Plce ver.: 60$


Juxtapoz – Jan 10: 7$



Juxtapoz – Dec 09: 7$

Bearbrick 18:

DIY Qee 8″


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