Wishlist – updated 24/01/10

Je me suis dit que je rendrais ma wishlist publique… Pas assez d’argent pour acheter quoique ce soit, mais je suis très ouvert pour les échanges avec ce que j’ai en boutique! Photos empruntées à gauche à droite, dites-moi si ça vous dérange!
I thought I’d share my wishlist… Not enough money to buy any of this, but I’m totally open with trades for what I have in store! Pictures have been borrowed left and right, tell me if it causes a problem!

-Aaron Horkey
-Brandi Milne
-Chris Berens
-Femke Hiemstra
-James Jean
-Tara McPherson
-Yoshitomo Nara

tk oyabun naga ashley wood

Ashley Wood: TK Oyabun Naga

visighost hp fade super7 brian flynn

pocket mummy boy

clear pink pocket mummy boy


Brian Flynn: Visighost (black/orange/yellow/clear fade, clear with red ver.), Pocket Mummy Boys (clear purple, clear blue and clear pink (unpainted), clear pink painted), Holliboy

killer northwest bwana spoons

koi killer bwana spoons koji harmon

Lucky Bag unpainted killer bwana spoons

black koi bwana spoons

gid killer bwana spoons

Bwana Spoons: Killer (Northwest, Koi 2nd ver., LB unpainted, Black Koi, GID ver. along with most WTF and SARS ver.)

resin space monkey dalek

dalek icebot red

dalek icebot blue

Dalek: Resin Space Monkeys, Icebot 10″ (red, blue ver.)

eddie table dave cooper

Dave Cooper: Eddie Table

doma acid sweeties happy capsule

doma acid sweeties war baby

sicky barrel acid sweeties doma

Doma: Acid Sweeties (Happy Capsule, Sicky Barrel, War Baby)

jamungo squadt gassed launch party

Ferg: Squadt – Midnight Jack ver.

chouchou beige gary baseman intheyellow

Gary Baseman: Chouchou – Beige ver.

itokin park himalan glacier

himalan itokin park red gold

Itokin Park: Himalan (Glacier, Red & Gold ver.)

enough apes already comme garçons jake

Jake: Enough Apes Already (comme des garcons ver.)

musyubel groundwork kaijin

Kaijin: Musyubel (The Groundwork ver.), B&W Resin pieces

kathie olivas hazel grey gray

Kathie Olivas: Hazel (Grey ver.)

companion kaws 5yl blue

Kaws: Companion GID Blue

michael lau cchood king

michael lau cchood girl cat

cat and hatou michael lau

Michael Lau: CChood King, CChood Cat and Girl, Sixes, Cat and Hatou

Monstre Hero: Axeface, Skullminion

petit lapin mr clement black

petit lapin mr clement marie paysant le roux

Mr. Clement: Petit Lapin (Bubble Gum, Black, Marie Paysant Le Roux ver.)

Nathan Jurevicius: Tree Dweller (Mono ver.)

Rolito: Rolitoboy (Pain Mono ver.)

relphe tim biskup gid

pocket helper tim biskup

Tim Biskup: Relphe (GID ver.), Helper (GID ver.), Pocket Helpers (any version), Pollards and Mini Pollards, some Dragamels and Mini Dragamels…

rebel ink milk white milky usugrow

Usugrow: Rebel Ink (Milky White, GID ver.)

Bearbrick 400%:

mr andre bearbrick

-Mr. Andre

kaws chompers bearbrick

-Kaws Chompers

layered wood bearbrick

-Layered Wood

bearbrick x-girl

-X-Girl (plain pink)

Dunny 8″:

doma dunny blue

-Doma (blue version)

Qee 8″:

town crier tim biskup qee gid

tim biskup town crier qee sdcc

-Tim Biskup Town Crier (SDCC, white ver.)

Qee 3″:

qee squirrel

Squirrel coffee guy from Deisgn-a-qee series – Matt Jones

bounty hunter penzuri

Bounty x Hunter: Great One (red large, white large ver.), Penzuri

damage brain secret base

damage brain secret base

damage brain secret base

Secret Base: Damage Brain (Ubiq, Golden Week gloves and hands)

ghost fighter brian flynn super7

Super7: Ghost Fighters (I have 7 (clear pink, clear yellow, rainy day, clear green, clear blue with red insert, clear orange, blue) and am looking for the rest…)

Theme: Twins

Colour: Clear Pink (mostly unpainted: King Pepora, Mummy Boy, Skull Captain, Rangeas, Beetlar, Galtan, Tiruru…), Mono, White, Black or Grey, Blue+Yellow combo


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