Buff Monster Dunny! Killers! Munnys! Futurama! -+- Nouveautés / New releases 05/11/09

Désolé pour le délai à annoncer ces jouets. Consultez le Flickr, Facebook ou Twitter pour être au courant dans les minutes de l’arrivée des jouets…
Sorry for the delay in posting these. Consult Flickr, Facebook or Twitter to know what’s new in the minutes following the arrival of the toys…

bwana spoons killer gargamel btk

Killers – BTK ver. – Bwana Spoons: 100$

gargamel killer bwana spoons dark choco golden mist

Killers – Golden Mist Dark Choco ver. – Bwana Spoons: 100$

bwana spoons gargamel killer great day to be green

Killers – It’s a Great Day to be Green ver. – Bwana Spoons: 100$

bwana spoons killer gargamel sleeping

Killers – Sleeping ver. – Bwana Spoons: 100$

buff monster dunny kidrobot

Buff Monster 8″ Dunny: 83$

donut strawberry hedi kenney kidrobot

24″ Strawberry Donut – Heidi Kenney: 83$


DIY Qee 8″ (Rabbit, Bear, Toyer): 35$

DIY Munnys (White, GID): 29$

Bart Simpsons Qee 10″ – Halloween ver. – Matt Groening: 39$

Potamus – Frank Kozik: Blind: 6.50$, Coloured: 8$, Symbol: 12$

Futurama x Kidrobot – Matt Groening: Blind: 11$


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