Dunny 2009 Pre-Release / Trade Party!

dunny 2009 trade party camiondepompier

09-09-09, 6-9pm… Détails ici! / Details here!


16 responses to “Dunny 2009 Pre-Release / Trade Party!

    • Not in yet. Will get them for the pre-release party on the 9th. They are pre-releasing some at Dragon-con I believe. They do that every year I believe…

  1. There’s enough room inside to hold everyone. Seems like there may be more people this time around – a lot of new faces said they’d buy cases…

  2. anyway I can separate one? hahaha. and if not, im guessing i should get there very early haha

    you have no idea how much ive been wanting this supakitch!

  3. There’s no pre-order for KR toys, but you can always send an email at midnight +1 and I’ll put it aside for 24h (if I find one!). Not sure yet how much they’ll be, waiting on the shipping + duties bill…

  4. yes! i will do that for sure! you have no idea how excited i am haha.
    what email can i reach you to? you can reach me at my email…if you have any more exciting news!

    i’ll send you my information aswell!

  5. midnight’s the rule! but i’m going to bed so i’ll trust the wordpress (or actually, email) clock! sweet dreams!

  6. Hi there!
    I’ll be coming by the shop tonight for some 2009 dunnys – any chance you could put the Frank Kozik and Kronk ones aside for me?

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