Kozik Rippers! Jeremy Fish! Sam Flores! Upper Playground gear! -+- Nouveautés / New releases 30-07-09

Choix de tailles limité pour les vêtements. Demandez ou venez voir!
Limited choice of sizes for clothes. Ask or drop by!

rippers kozik kidrobot

Rippers – Frank Kozik: Blind: 4$, Ouvert/Open: 6$

The Music skateboard - Jeremy Fish x Pushead

The Music skateboard – Jeremy Fish x Pushead: 96$

The Serpent skateboard - Jeremy Fish x Mike Giant

The Serpent skateboard – Jeremy Fish x Mike Giant: 96$

stack will barras jeremy fish skateboard

The Stack skateboard – Jeremy Fish x Will Barras: 96$

lifted sam flores cushion

Lifted cushion – Sam Flores: 50$

jumping tiger cushion sam flores

Jumping Tiger cushion – Sam Flores: 50$

mug sam flores script

Script mug – Sam Flores: 23$

losers always lose mug

Losers Always Lose mug: 23$

April Showers bag - Sam Flores

April Showers bag – Sam Flores: 50$

sam flores bag lowrider rainbow

Lowrider Rainbow bag – Sam Flores: 96$

dora drimalas bag vine

vine bag dora drimalas

Vine bag – Dora Drimalas: 62$

lighter jeremy fish barbary coast

Barbary Coast lighter – Jeremy Fish: 27$

jeremy fish t-shirt

Sea Horse t-shirt (w) – Jeremy Fish: 34$

Freebird t-shirt (w) - Jeremy Fish

Freebird t-shirt (w) – Jeremy Fish: 34$

Amayuki t-shirt (w) - Koralie

Amayuki t-shirt (w) – Koralie: 39$

Caterpillar t-shirt (w) - Saelee Oh

Caterpillar t-shirt (w) – Saelee Oh: 39$

lowrider rainbow hoodie sam flores

Lowrider Rainbow hoodie – Sam Flores: 108$

scooter geeks hoodie jeremy fish

Scooter Geeks hoodie – Jeremy Fish: 96$

date farmers hoodie

Hoodie – Date Farmers: 108$

jeremy fish t-shirt

Swimmin in a Fishbowl t-shirt (m) – Jeremy Fish: 32$

Super Chango t-shirt (m) - Date Farmers

Super Chango t-shirt (m) – Date Farmers: 32$

Deer t-shirt (m) - Dora Drimalas

Deer t-shirt (m) – Dora Drimalas: 32$

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