BOM suggestions

Si vous manquez d’idées pour vos choix dans le sondage BOM du Mirror, voici quelques suggestions. SI vous en avez d’autres, contactez-moi – et propagez la liste!
If you don’t know what to choose in the Mirror BOM poll, here are a few suggestions. If you have others, contact me – and spread the list!

Best blog:
Best Club Night: Mad Luv
Best Local Music Label: Musou
Best Gallery: camiondepompier
Best art exhibit: Astro / Matel @ camiondepompier
Best Cartoonist/comic arist: Matt Forsythe
Best Graffiti Artist/Crew: Astro
Best Clothing Store (new): Headquarters
Best Vintage Clothing Store: Headquarters
Best Tattoo Parlor: Glamort
Best Tattoo Artist: Inksecticid
Best Record Store (New): Atom Heart
Best Video Store: Marché Clandestin
Best bookstore (new): camiondepompier
Best magazine store: camiondepompier
Best comics store: camiondepompier
Best Skate / Snowboard Shop: Underworld
Best Home Decor: camiondepompier
Best Japanese: Hanashima
Best Teahouse: My Cup of Tea
Best Ice Cream: Cremerie de l’Ange

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