Sondage / Survey

Pas en bonne et due forme, mais je suis très curieux de vos impressions: que pensez vous de la sélection, du service, de l’aménagement intérieur, des prix, de la newsletter, des expos, du blog… Donnez-moi votre avis! Et soyez honnêtes! Si vous voulez rester anonymes, mettez vos commentaires dans la boîte aux lettres! Sinon, laissez un commentaire ici ou envoyez un courriel!


Not a proper 1-10 scale survey, but I’m very curious as to your opinion of the store: its selection of items, service, interior design, prices, newsletter, exhibitions, blog… Tell em what you think! And be honest too! If you want to stay anonymous, just put your comments in the mailbox! You can also leave a comment here or send an email!


4 responses to “Sondage / Survey

  1. Although I haven’t been paying that close attention lately, in the past I have noticed a significant discrepancy between prices listed in the newsletter for upcoming products (not current), and their actual listed prices once you get them in stock. It’s a minor thing though.

  2. There’s a disclaimer in that section, but I have noticed as well. That’s why I mostly omit them from upcoming releases now – I find that shipping and customs vary too much for me to give a fair estimate.

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