Ride ’em Bob! – Nouveauté / New release 25-07-08

Ride 'em Bob Kozik

Nouveau design de Kozik… ou devrais-je dire du NVC Crew? Hohoho.
New Kozik design… or should I say NVC Crew design? Hohoho.

Ride ’em Bob: 39$



2 responses to “Ride ’em Bob! – Nouveauté / New release 25-07-08

  1. It was obvious that someone somewhere will recognize that Mr. Kozik’s new toy is just a big rip off of our original custom called NVC’s Bronze Migartion made 2 years…..

    And it becomes even more obvious when you people know that Mr. Kozik asked me for the HIGH RESOLUTION pics when he saw for the very fisrt time our custom!!!!

    Now you know the story and can see his new figure…you can judge by yourself!!!!

    Olivier…I think you should post the pics of our custom so people can compare!!!

    Dr.Bao….NVC CREW….!!!!!

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