Release Party

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Camiondepompier will be hosting a release party for the new Dunny 2012 series. The bonus Dunny for those that purchase a case from camiondepompier will come from none other than the masked wonder himself, Sucklord!
**(extremely limited. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE)**

It all begins on June 21st with blindboxes for 10$ each.

Beautiful designs from 14 artists — Andrew Bell, Attaboy, Scribe, Jeremiah Ketner, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Junko Mizuno, Kronk, MAD, Mauro Gatti, Sergio Mancini, Nakanari, Pac23, Tara McPherson, and Triclops Studio.


Nouveautés / New releases / Restock

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Smorkin’ Labbit Clear
Rose et bleu édition / Pink and blue edition
Frank Kozik

See the light where the sun don’t shine! Introducing 10-inches of absurdly luminous blue & pink vinyl, complete with classic cigarette and translucent butthole. So radiant and soft, Labbit looks angelic – even when smorkin’.

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Black Heart of Gold Dunny
Rose et bleu édition
/ Pink and blue edition
Tara McPherson

Good intentions gone wrong.
Always putting its best foot forward, the Black Heart of Gold Dunny is a misguided soul who seems to get it all wrong, no matter how hard it tries.

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Heavy Bramble WWRp Retail version
Ashley Wood & 3A

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Potamus Mini series
Blind Box
Frank Kozik

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Qee – Redrum Bear
Blind Box

Frank Kozik

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Kozik Bomb Twin Pack
Frank Kozik
2″ & 2.5″

Can’t decide between a 2″ or a 2.5″ Smoking Bomb?  Well, make it an instant party with this twin pack featuring both figures!  We can’t get enough of Frank Kozik, and we know that you can’t either.  Add this essential set to your collection and just soak up the explosive ambiance.

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Dr. Bomb
White Flock version
Frank Kozik

Dr. Bomb has never looked better.  This flocked version of Frank Kozik’s now classic vinyl figure has a warm and furry outside that belies the less-than-good intentions that he’s hiding on the inside. We can’t help but imagine that some folks leave Dr. Bomb’s surgery room feeling worse than before.  Others simply don’t leave.  Dr. Bomb stands 8” tall and has dubious medical credentials

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 Dr. Bomb

Rose et bleu édition / Pink &
blue GID Edition
Frank Kozik

Few vinyl collectors can walk by a Dr. Bomb figure without letting out a little sigh of appreciation.  Dr. Bomb has the art and form that you want, matched with the touch of creepiness that you crave.  Enhance the oddity when you select this 8″ figure in glorious GID pink & blue.

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Visible Qee Bear Classic GID

Attendus sous peu! / Coming Soon-ish!

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Bondage Smorkin’ Labbit

Frank Kozik X Kidrobot
écrivez-moi pour réserver une Bondage Labbit,
email me for details on how to reserve a Bondage Labbit, Hurry they will go fast!

Cute eyes peer out through latex and beckon you with love.
Frank Kozik’s  Bondage Labbit is back and looking for a master to make all of his dreams come true! His newest outfit has all the necessary details – collar with chain leash, plus a very special hole in his zippered mouth to keep him smorkin’ all night long. Something this wrong just has to be right.

Pré-commande  /  Pre-Order
(S’il vous plaît, Contactez-nous pour les pré-commandes
Please contact us for pre-orders…

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Fat Tony Open Edition
Ron English
 New fluorescent orange color.   /  Nouvelle couleur orange fluorescent.

Introducing Fat Tony: A Ton of Tiger with a Short Shelf Life

The 100% Nutrition-Free Vinyl Toy

Sugary cereals captured the hearts of Young America by giving away cheap toys made in China in every box. This prize at the bottom of the box actually ate the cereal

A delicious shortcut to attention deficit disorder!

Fatten up Your Vinyl Art Collection!

Nouveautés / New releases
(En magasin samedi / In store Saturday)

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BE@RBRICK Series 23
featuring co-branding with Andy Warhol. Fringe, Real Steel, Rune, Rilakkuma and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Heures d’ouverture  /  Store Hours

Lun/Mon – Fermé / closed
Mar/Tue – Mer/Wed: 11:00 – 18:00
Jeu/Thu – Ven/Fri: 11:00 – 20:00
Sam/Sam – Dim/Sun: 12:00 – 17:00

Markus et Dawna (propriétaires de la camion) serons là de l’ouverture à la fermeture tous les dimanches

Markus and Dawna (owners of the camion) are there from opening to closing every Sunday…we look forward to seeing you there!

Coming Friday!

En Magasin Vendredi / In Store Friday!

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KidRoyale & KidNeutron

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Supermagical Dunny
Kidrobot X 64 Colors

I roam the forest keeping a watchful eye for those who disrespect that which is sacred and in decline.

Beware and do not destroy, or I will descent upon you with a mighty fury and vengeance that is swift and absolute.

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Choice Cuts Labbit
Frank Kozik

Some prefer beef, but we just love Labbit. It’s what’s for dinner tonight!
Choice Cuts is a 10-inch guide to how to chop, slice, and dice your Labbit into the tastiest pieces possible.

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Cow ‘Stache Labbit  & Tiger ‘Stache Labbit  Plush
Kidrobot  X  Frank Kozik

Labbit gives you your daily dose of calcium. Who could ask for anything more in a 14-inch plush pal?

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Gay Empire Figure

The classic all time best selling Suckadelic figure is back in a new edition for 2011.  This 3 3/4″ resin figure is on a silk screened card back. Each handmade piece is assembled and “splattered” by the Sucklord himself.

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Pecanpals Monotone Edition
4.5 – 6.5″

The final edition of Noferin’s acclaimed wooden Pecanpals.
Designed in Australia. 100% sustainably harvested rubber wood.
Limited edition of 300 per character worldwide. Hand made.

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Dr. Destruction Glow

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“Gloomy Sits Down” Prime Plush

Sometimes Gloomy just needs a rest. Give him a hug, and you’ll know he’s the best! Whether in rain or shine, or cosy bed time, Keep Gloomy close to you, all of the time!

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Kosplay Black & White

Kosplay is a 2 character set – a girl (un)dressed as a skull and a polar bear disguised as a panda. The panda is more endangered than the polar bear. Maybe she did a makeup on him to protect him a little longer?

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Clutter Magazine – Issue 16

Clutter Magazine Issue 16 features a great round-up of in-depth features, including artist interviews, stories, editorials and more. Contents include features about Sucklord, 64colors, FriendsWithYou, Pete Fowler, Paul Shih, Josh Herbolsheimer, and many more!

Details: 72 pages, full color. 8.125 x 10.875″

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Hi-Fructose Vol.22

Hi-Fructose, Volume 22 We’ll be kicking 2012 off right with a new Hi-Fructose New Contemporary Art Magazine vol.22. In this stand out issue we present: a major feature on Aron Wiesenfeld’s amazing drawings and paintings, we interview the notorious street artists Trustocorp, go hooking with the paintings of Natalia Fabia, are taken aback by the powerful wooden sculptures of Gehard Demetz, battle nature with the paintings of Ryan McLennan, get inflated then, we put a spotlight on the new work of Esao Andrews, explore decay with the uneasy houses of Ofra Lapid, stretch beyond capacity with the insane sculptures of the legendary Irwin Wurm, plunge into KOZYNDAN’s new show, then go swimming into melancholy with Double Parlour, and finally, we present to you the work of our cover artist Winnie Truong! Plus much more of what you come to expect from us at Hi-Fructose.



Glossy Smorkin’ Labbit
Red /Rouge, Black/Noir, White/Blanc Edition

Frank Kozik X Kidrobot

Fatcaps Series 3


Artists who rock this series are: DEVIOUS, Flying Fortress, Jon Paul Kaiser, Julie West, KaNO, Kronk, MCA, Montana Colors, Pez, Queen Andrea, Quisp, Scribe, Shok-1, and Sket One.





“The Art of Huck Gee”
Artiste, illustrateur et concepteur de jouets personnalisée Huck Gee présente son art dans ce livre à édition limitée.
Artist, illustrator and custom toy designer Huck Gee showcases his art in this all new Limited Edition book.

Huck is recognized as one of the originators of the toy art movement.
Over the last eight years World wide demand for Huck’s work has soared making his toys the most sought and coveted in the medium. His works have been showcased around the globe and even found their way into the permanent collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Simple lines and elegant forms define these wonderful character as they ready themselves for action. Also on display are Huck’s many collaborative projects with everyone from
Kidrobot to Coca-Cola to DC Shoes. An amazing collection of art from a true original.

“HUCK GEE is the greatest custom toy artist on the planet” – Paul Budnitz (Founder of Kidrobot)

Hard Cover 150 pages 6″x 9″

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